Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A date with a vintage ironing board!

I have a sweet friend...her name is June, and she is pure joy!
 Let me tell you, she knows the need something, she will quote a verse for it. She is 92 and full of wisdom!! I sure miss her..a group us ladies would meet up every Thursday for breakfast, well recently sweet June hurt her back and has resulted in her moving into a retirement home. I need to go visit her today...

When she moved she sold pretty much all of her belongings...I can only imagine how hard that would be!!
This vintage ironing board...well lets just say my heart skipped a beat when I heard it was on the list to be sold. Miss June used this sweet thing for all her ironing..isn't it lovely?!

I pulled off all the covers that covered first, I was just gonna leave it natural. 
Then one day my sister called and had been to an amazing place full of treasures (which you so need to take me to, sister) and she told me about a vintage ironing board where the top was painted in stripes. Ahhhh...stripes!! Lovely..right?!

So this morning...I had a date with this vintage ironing board!
I gave the top a quick coat of white paint.
Added masking tape to make stripes, and topped that with chalkboard paint!

Pulled the tape..and got out my favorite blade. Yes it's old and so needs to be thrown out, but we have finished some great projects!

Do you like this new vintage ironing board? 
I can pull it out anytime I need that extra surface space. 

A bit of fun, and every time I'll see this will take me back to those sweet Thursday mornings listening to Miss June share her heart for God! 
Will you join me in praying healing over my sweet friend?
I would love to be able to have more Thursday morning breakfasts with her!!

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you were inspired!
Who says an ironing board need to stay an ironing board?

Have a blessed day!!